Wild Orchid Miniatures is a commercial entity for the sale of dollhouse/miniatures at various shows and sales throughout the Midwest, by mail order, and the website.

Cyp. Haven was a commercial entity for the sale of hardy orchids by mail order. This business has discontinued sales, but still has valuable information on the website.

9/11, Our Take On It - On September 11, 2001, we were in France, specifically at Giverny. This is our recollection of that fateful day and those immediately following. The presentation was prepared for the tenth anniversary of the event and updated for the twentieth.

The AMT Piranha & The "Man from U.N.C.L.E." Car - the website dedicated to the 1967 AMT Piranha street car, the AMT Piranha dragster, the "Man from U.N.C.L.E." car, the Marbon Chemical CRV cars, AMT Piranha model car kits, and to other automotive creations of Gene Winfield.

The DODGE M4S Pace Car & The WRAITH Car - site dedicated to the Dodge M4S PPG Pace Car, the replica stunt cars, and "The Wraith" film.

Classic Reproductions - Quality Hand-Cast Resin Models by Master Modeler Nicholas K. Whitlow.

Where are they now? Lost TV & Movie Cars An attempt to locate some of the "made for TV and movie" automobiles, such as the "Get Smart" Alpine gadget car or the Star Car from "The Last Starfighter". Can you help locate them?

Central Iowa Orchid Society website - for those interested in orchids and learning more about them, here is your Central Iowa contact.

"Blue Cattleyas" This is the collected articles by Carson E. Whitlow on the color blue in the orchid genera Cattleya and Laelia.

"Jerry Atriks" is the Senior Citizens' cartoon hero and spokesman! A series of cartoons from the mind of Gary DeSombers.

The INVADERS The history of a small band from Carlinville, Illinois in the 1960's.

Southern Illinois University Vocational Technical Institute - a website dedicated to the Vocational Technical Institute of Southern Illinois University, located at Carterville, Illinois, and to its' Alumni. Photos were taken in 1971 and include shots of the fire which destroyed part of the women's co-op apartments and classrooms in a wing of the "H" Building.

The c-we.com domain is owned and operated by Chadwick/Whitlow Enterprises and provides internet services to individuals, organizations and businesses, in addition to being the umbrella for our other distinct entities.

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