Culture Sheets from
the American Orchid Society

        Here you will find the latest culture sheets for most popular cultivated orchid genera.  These informative pages feature the beautiful line drawings of the late Marion Sheehan.  They have been designed to print faithfully to the originals.  This means that affiliated societies that wish to offer their members culture sheets no longer need to order, then wait for them to be delivered.  Simply print a copy here and have it duplicated locally.  These sheets are available as Adobe Acrobat .pdf files and require the Acrobat reader to open them.  This is a free program that is used widely on the World Wide Web to render pages faithful to the originals - you may already have it on your computer.  If not, you may download it now.  It is a 5.2mb download and will allow you to view and print future culture sheets, forms from many government agencies and millions of other World Wide Web documents.

Culture Sheets Available:

General Information:

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Importing Orchids   O   Orchid FAQ

Beginner Level:

Cattleya  O   Cymbidium  O   Dendrobium
Paphiopedilum  O   Phalaenopsis

Intermediate level:

Catasetum  O   Cattleya  O   Cymbidium  O   Dendrobium
Intergeneric Hybrids  O   Lycaste  O   Masdevallia  O   Miltonia  O   Odontoglossum
Oncidium  O   Phalaenopsis  O   Paphiopedilum  O   Reedstem Epidendrum
Stanhopea  O   Vanda

NOTE: These Acrobat files average between 150 - 300kb in size, please be patient while they download. If you want to save a file to your hard drive and are having difficulty finding a "save as" option in your browser menus try - right-clicking on the link and select "save target as".

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