How to Contact
the Central Iowa Orchid Society

The Society

Written correspondence can be sent to:

Central Iowa Orchid Society
3823 52nd Street
Des Moines, IA 50310-1817

The President - Helen Mapes

The President can be reached at President

The Vice President - (open)

The Secretary - Ardie Strawman

The Treasurer - Chris Barck

E-Board Member (1st Year) - Sandrs Bowers

E-Board Member (2nd Year) - Leo Schlunz

E-Board Member (3rd Year) - Roy Molina

Immediate Past President - Don Haugen

American Orchid Society & Orchid Digest Liason - David Hutson

Librarian - Chris Barck

The Webmaster - Carson Whitlow

The Webmaster can be reached at Webmaster

Orchid Questions

All orchid questions can be addressed to Questions

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